How to Pick Your Destination Wedding Decor – Non Floral!

If flowers aren’t your thing, want to enhance your wedding decor or you’re looking for ways to mix it up then this post is for YOU!

There is soooooo much that non floral elements can do for the overall look and feel of your wedding day AND your budget! Here’s the scoop!

Which non-floral décor items should you include in your wedding?

Flowers of some sorts will definitely be a part of your wedding day. The question is which ones, quantities and colors. While they do sooooo much for your décor, other non-floral elements add the finishing touch in a complementary style. Here are several non-floral elements for you to consider:

1.    Ceremony

–       Welcome sign– wooden, plexiglass, mirror, glass, palette, driftwood, scroll, neon sign.

–       Aisle markers – wooden signs with text on them, crates /tree stump/ columns/ lanterns with assorted height candle holders / pillar candles, seashells, photo frames of you and your other half / family if you’re blending families.

–       Wedding arch – chandeliers/ lanterns hanging from a tree or arch, a scroll with your love story or favorite Bible verse.

2.    Cocktail Hour

–       Tables – small lanterns / cylinder with a candle, assorted heights cylinders bundled with candles, photo frame with photos or fishbowl with seashells.

3.    Reception

–       Charger plates – glass, straw, plastic

–       Candles – pillar, floating, tealight

–       Candle holders – stemmed, cylinder, votives, candelabra

–       Table numbers – wooden cut out of the number, wooden slab, plexiglass, picture frame with number

–       Photo frames – with couple’s picture to compliment décor or as a table number

–       Mirror – as table numbers

–       Books – to compliment décor theme

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, some of these items can be used by themselves or in addition to your favorite flowers. You may also bring some of these items in your luggage if there is available space and won’t put your luggage overweight. Your florist or decorator may have all of these items for rent; you may look to spend anywhere between $500 to $1000 on these items.

How do I know which non-floral elements to use?

Based on your décor theme, some elements work best while some won’t. You ideally need to first determine what your décor theme is and then decide which non-floral element you’d like to incorporate. Your planner / decorator will be able to bring them together to bring your vision to life.

Items like charger plates and candles will ALWAYS work with your décor theme. The color, style or texture will differ of course but they ALWAYS complement your décor. Candles do so much for your tablescape! Whether it be by using assorted heights stemmed candle holders or cylinders with floating or pillar candles, your ambiance is sure to be improved.

How can I save money on my non-floral elements?

If you opt to take non-floral elements with you, we recommend bringing lighter items like candles, unique pictures frames and table numbers that match your décor theme. This won’t put a huge dent in your bill but if the price is comparable then you may.

Items like antique picture frames maybe harder to source locally so we would recommend this; charger plates and candle holders are bulky and heavier in weight. If you opt to bring them in because you find them cheaper online may not be best as you may be charged at the airport. Whatever you would’ve saved on buying them is in essence spent at the airport and equates to the same charge by your florist/decorator.

What determines how are non-florals are items priced?

They are usually priced moderately which would see them recouping the money spent to buy the items. Accidents do happen and most times you aren’t aware of this. Your florist / decorator may setup your items as requested and it gets very windy out of nowhere, knocking over the cylinders or stemmed candle holder. They are down one unit, and though they always bring extras just in case, they are still short of one unit that style in inventory and will have to reorder.

Because of this and the fact that some of these units are unique, they may even charge a security deposit that helps to recoup for damages.

Should I use non-floral elements in my decor?

Yes absolutely! As we mentioned, candles do a whole lot for your tablescape they also help to cut the cost for décor per table. You can always use a medium sized centerpiece instead of a large and use candles to fill the table.

If you have a very tight budget, you can always buy your own candles, rent the containers from your florist and do a candle garland for long tables or bundle them for round tables.

Should you like a vintage or rustic décor theme, items like photo frames, old books, pearls, tree slices, mason jars and burlap would be better suited to achieve the look.

What questions should I ask a wedding florist before hiring?

Of course, we always recommend asking the right questions before committing to a vendor. The same floral conversation should also have these non-floral questions:

·         Have you executed a décor theme like mine?

·         Can I see photos of this execution?

·         Which non-floral elements do you recommend to compliment it?

·         Can you work with my budget to include florals and non-floral elements?

·         Can I see photos of the non-floral items you recommend for my décor theme?

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