Why You Should Get Married in Jamaica?

Located in the Caribbean, Jamaica experiences a tropical climate which means there is plenty of sunshine with a few bursts of liquid sunshine! Jamaica is the perfect location for the bride seeking exotic beaches, gorgeous backgrounds that are the perfect setting for a wedding. It is very easy to say yes to Jamaica as:

  1. You don’t have to be a Jamaican citizen to get married in Jamaica.
  2. Marriages that take place in Jamaica are recognized as legal and binding in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
  3. The primary language is English so there is no need to translate paperwork.
  4. Paperwork required to get married are notarized copies of both passports/driver’s license, birth certificate which includes father’s name, death certificate for widows (where applicable) and certified documents supporting any change of name (where applicable).
  5. The main currency is the Jamaican Dollar (JMD), however, we accept the United States Dollar (USD). It costs about $120 JMD for $1 USD…..so yes, it is cheaper to get married here!
  6. The people are very lively, expressive and extends their warm hospitality to EVERYONE!

If the tropical beaches and all the reasons listed above aren’t enough of a reason to get married in Jamaica, then here are a few more reasons why saying “I do” in Jamaica is the way to go!

  1. Jamaica was ranked as the  number one Caribbean island by Trip Advisor and named Best Wedding Destination of 2019 by TravAlliance.
  2. Jamaica offers something for every bride and groom. Whether you’re looking to say your vows at the grounds of chapel, privacy of a luxurious villa, on a clifftop overlooking the Caribbean Sea, ten toes down in the warm sand or hidden in lush gardens, Jamaica has you covered! Whatever your preference, your wedding can be customized to represent you both.
  3. Jamaica has extensive experience in planning and executing weddings with an average of hundreds of weddings daily.
  4. You pretty much have your cake and eat it too as you get to have the wedding of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost andddddddd you get to honeymoon at one of the islands listed on Bridal Guide’s 22 Top Caribbean Honeymoon spots. There is more! Your guests also get to celebrate your love and get a vacation in at the same time too! Win Win!
  5. The food is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Known for its mouthwatering Jerk, Ackee and Saltfish, Goat Soup and Beef Patties; there is something for even the pickiest of eaters!

Now that I’ve sold you on Jamaica (yay!!!!), here’s what your next steps are:

  1. Set a date. You need ample time to carefully and properly plan your dream wedding. The average wedding takes 12-18 months to plan. You may also want to choose a secondary date as your first preference may not be available at your venue. As mentioned earlier, Jamaica is a tropical country and is not exempt to hurricanes. The Atlantic hurricane runs from June 1st to November 30th; does your special day fall between these dates? Do not panic! There are ways around this like a morning wedding or the best one to date…..tenting.

Once you’ve decided on a date, we definitely recommend sending out “Save the Date” which give your guests some time to plan.

  • Set a budget. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re setting your budget as guest count, DJ, décor, menu, cake, bar, photography, cinematography, hair, makeup, garments etc all add up. This of course does not include flight, accommodations, excursions and other expenses. The average destination wedding costs anywhere between $11,000 USD and $30,000 USD. Because you’re planning several months in advance, we recommend adding 15-20% contingency which should cover unforeseen costs. You should also factor hiring a local wedding planner in Jamaica who can maximize your budget. Travel planners are great; however, you pay more as your travel planner will definitely need to hire a local planner for logistics and to help sourcing the best vendors.
  • Creating a guestlist. This is very crucial as the more guests you invite, the more you’ll spend as catering, bar service, chairs, tables, centerpieces and transportation is needed. Setting a minimum and maximum number of guests from early out will help you set a proper budget and get accurate quotes from vendors.
  • Choose a venue. Jamaica has MANY beautiful locations ranging from breathtaking beach front and sandy beach side, luscious gardens, character filled plantations, rustic castles, enthralling cliffsides or a ballroom than can be transformed to your vision; whatever your preference, Jamaica has options for you to choose from.
  • Book accommodation and flights. We recommend doing this sooner rather than later as travel dates fill up quickly with other couples with their guests or by vacationers. It reduces the hike in flight costs and accommodation as you lock in cheaper rates and also sweetens the deal when you book a room block. Airbnbs are now apart of the conversation as they are doubling as the wedding venue all while giving you exclusivity.
  • Make arrangements for your honeymoon. In this instance it is easier said and done! You have many options to choose from whether it be on the South or North Coast. Be sure to book excursions in advance as well.
  • Visualize your wedding. This is the BEST part! You get to celebrate your love for each other, have it be a reflection of you both and PARTYYYYYYY! Not quite sure where to start? I always recommend that the couple think about their most favorite things, whether it be color, flower, food, drink, or inspiration picture seen on pinterest; write it down and see how best to include it. You will definitely need the assistance of wedding planner if you don’t know where to start with planning or what you want your wedding to look like. If you’re planning your own wedding, way to go! You will still need a wedding coordinator for the day of that handle all of the vendors while you enjoy your wedding day.

Yup! You’re pretty much set for your destination wedding in Jamaica. Wishing you a very happy wedding day, love, light and plenty blessings!

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